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Coal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide
  • Coal Washing Treatment PolyacrylamideCoal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide

Coal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide

The Coal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide is a series of polymer flocculating dehydrating agents developed for coal slime dewatering in coal washing plant.

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Product Description

The Coal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide is a series of polymer flocculating dehydrating agents developed for coal slime dewatering in coal washing plant. This series of flocculants has high dehydration rate and is easy to use. It can be used for the centrifugal separation of tailings, the precipitation and filtration of coal powder and slime to improve the recovery rate of coal powder and filtration rate. We are willing to choose the best Coal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide to meet the production process requirements and reduce the production cost for users as much as possible.


The Coal Washing Treatment Polyacrylamide is used as a flocculant and can accelerate the precipitation of solid impurities such as ores. Only a trace amount needs to be added to achieve good results. In addition, it has the superiority of less floating slag production, good effect of oil removal and suspended matter removal. Another point worth mentioning is that it has no secondary pollution, can realize the reuse of sewage and the utilization of sewage resources.

It is suggested that the buyer should first analyze the flocculant, and then select several famous flocculant manufacturers to test and compare the beaker.

1. Choice of agent:

There are many chemical substances used in coal slurry sedimentation, the most commonly used organic polymer composite polyacrylamide flocculant is polyacrylamide, and polyaluminum chloride flocculant is alum, aluminum chloride, ferric chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium oxide, etc.

In the clarification operation of extremely soft coal slurry, inorganic salt electrolyte is selected as cationic polyaluminium chloride coagulant, which can be combined with polyacrylamide to greatly improve the clarification effect.

2. Determination of dose

The clarification effect is not ideal when polyaluminum chloride or polyacrylamide flocculants are used alone.

On this basis, polyacrylamide flocculant and polyaluminum chloride flocculant were used to achieve the desired clarification effect.

The optimum ratio of experimental dosage was obtained.

3. Determination of administration sequence

In the actual production, it is found that the order of administration also has a certain influence on the effect of drug preparation. 

The method is to add polyaluminum chloride flocculant and polyacrylamide flocculant.

In the process of using polyacrylamide solution, we should pay attention to the full dispersion of polyacrylamide solution in peat water. On the one hand, it is not suitable to stir too fast to avoid the destruction of flocs. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the mixing uniformity of polyacrylamide solution and slime water, so that the surface contact of polyacrylamide solution is more sufficient, the charge matching is better, and it is convenient for flocculation separation.

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