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Mineral Processing Use Anionic Polyacrylamide
  • Mineral Processing Use Anionic PolyacrylamideMineral Processing Use Anionic Polyacrylamide

Mineral Processing Use Anionic Polyacrylamide

Qingdao Shuodi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese factory specializing in the production of mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide. Mineral dressing requires the use of a large amount of water. Useful minerals and useless minerals are separated through mineral washing and flotation. Useful minerals are dissolved in acid and alkali to form hydroxides or salts, while undissolved substances are flocculated. Separation, the main function of anionized polyacrylamide for mineral processing is to separate water and gangue for water recycling. In addition, mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide can dehydrate the sludge separated by gangue settlement .

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Product Description

Many minerals adopt this flotation and washing process, such as coal, iron ore, phosphate, aluminum ore, copper ore, gold ore, zinc ore, sand washing and so on. These mines usually use anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide. Non-ionic and more suitable for use in acidic and high-salt solutions.

mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide is generally used for the treatment of mine slurry water, and some mine slurry water is more complicated and may require weak cationic polyacrylamide. The anionized polyacrylamide used for mineral processing for mine wastewater treatment has a large amount of charge after being dissolved in water, and it can be well flocculated into agglomerates with mine mud clay. Condensation, settlement, so as to achieve the effect of mud-water separation.

mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide, and a large amount of slurry wastewater will be generated in the process of mine mineral processing and quarrying. The slurry wastewater needs to be flocculated to purify the sediment, and the suspended matter in the mineral processing slurry water will be flocculated and precipitated before recycling. . In the process of coagulation and sedimentation, it is necessary to use anionic polyacrylamide for mineral processing as a flocculant. The fine particles and water in the mineral processing wastewater infiltrate into the ground through the gaps in the ground. If the mud and muddy water are not treated, as time goes on, the gaps in the strata will be filled more and more with fine particles, and the permeability coefficient will become smaller and smaller. Therefore, mud muddy water needs mud precipitant for separation treatment.

Technical parameters of mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide:


White particle

Solid content


molecular weight

6-25 million

Mesh number


Product features of mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide

Rapid formation of large flocs, large and compact alum flowers, less sludge and fast flocculation and settlement speed: rapid and thorough dissolution, no insoluble matter (fish eyes); powder state product dissolves for about 60 minutes: small economic use, Good effect, high dehydration rate: low operating cost, low dosage can be produced.

Functional characteristics of anionized polyacrylamide for mineral processing:

1. Clarification and purification;

2. Sedimentation promotion;

3. Filtration promotion;

4. Thickening and other functions.

Principles of using anionized polyacrylamide for mineral dressing

The use of anionized polyacrylamide for mineral dressing should follow the following principles:

1. The mineral processing use anionic polyacrylamide in granular mineral processing cannot be directly added to the sewage. It must be dissolved in water before use, and its aqueous solution is used to treat sewage.

2. The water used to dissolve granular polymers should be clean (such as tap water), not sewage. Normal temperature water is enough, generally do not need to be heated. It dissolves very slowly when the water temperature is lower than 5°C. Increasing the water temperature increases the dissolution rate, but above 40°C will accelerate the degradation of the polymer and affect the use effect. Generally tap water is suitable for preparing polymer solutions. Water with strong acid, strong alkali and high salt content is not suitable for preparation.

3. The concentration of the polymer solution is recommended to be 0.1%-0.3%, that is, add 1g-3g polymer powder to 1 liter of water.

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