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Oilfield Chemicals Polyacrylamide
  • Oilfield Chemicals PolyacrylamideOilfield Chemicals Polyacrylamide

Oilfield Chemicals Polyacrylamide

Oilfield Chemicals Polyacrylamide is a versatile chemical treatment agent in oilfields. The product could be used as a flooding agent, water shutoff regulator, drilling fluid regulator, fracturing fluid additives in oil extraction, especially in cementing, completion and workover.

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Product Description

The Oilfield Chemicals Polyacrylamide is not only a high performance flocculant, but also a very good thickener. Secondly, due to its thickening, flocculating and rheology regulating properties, it can be used as polymer flooding in drilling fluids, fracturing fluids and oil extraction. Finally, our product is inexpensive and good quality, which is loved by our customers.


The Oilfield Chemicals Polyacrylamide can be used as drilling fluid additives. It can be formulated into a solution that adjusts drilling fluids, bears rock chips, rheology in oil drilling, reduces fluid losses, etc. Secondly, our products can reduce the pressure and blockage of the oil and gas layer, and it is easy to find the oil and gas layer, which is conducive to drilling and drilling. Finally, it can also greatly reduce accidents, reduce equipment wear, and prevent good leaks and collapses from occurring.

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