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Papermaking Dry Strength Agent
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Papermaking Dry Strength Agent

The papermaking dry strength agent can improve the quality of the paper, improve the dehydration performance of the slurry, increase the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers, and reduce the consumption of raw materials and environmental pollution.

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Product Description

As dry strength agent, polyacrylamide is widely used in the paper industry, and the effect of its use depends on the average molecular weight, ionic properties, ionic strength and the activity of other copolymers. Non-ionic polyacrylamide for papermaking is mainly used to improve the filterability of pulp, increase the strength of dry paper, and increase the retention of fibers and fillers. Anionic polyacrylamide for papermaking is mainly used as a dry and wet strengthening agent and retention agent for paper. In addition, polyacrylamide for papermaking is also used in papermaking wastewater treatment and fiber recycling.


1. Provide a stable wet end environment, improve paper forming and paper performance.

2. Improve water filtration in the paper forming and pressing process, thereby saving energy consumption in the drying process.

3. It can reduce the solid content of white water, improve the utilization rate of raw materials and the efficiency of the recycling system.

4. The pH value has wide adaptability and does not depend on the use of aluminum sulfate.

5. Improve the retention of colloidal substances at the wet end, thereby increasing the efficiency of sizing agents and dyes.

6. Increase the output of the paper machine and improve the running performance of the paper machine.

7. This product contains no surface active ingredients and is harmless to the environment.

8. The papermaking dry strength agent is available in a variety of packaging specifications

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