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Papermaking Filter Aid
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Papermaking Filter Aid

Papermaking filter aid is a kind of water-soluble branched organic polymer. The function of this product is to increase the retention rate of pulp when going online. It has an excellent retention effect on fine fibers and fillers (calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, kaolin, etc.), and has obvious pulp saving effect

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Product Description

Papermaking retention and drainage aids are mainly polyacrylamide, which has two states: powder and emulsion. Emulsion products have good retention and drainage effects, good fluidity and fast dissolution. The product can be dispersed and polymerized in the water phase, with features of low cost, no pollution, and No impact on quality of the finished paper.


1. Enhance the water filterability and reduce the dehydration energy consumption in the forming, pressing and drying process.

2. Increase paper output, reduce energy consumption, and reduce costs.

3. This product has the effect of increasing the strength of wet paper and dry paper, can keep the chemical conditions of the wet end stable, and improve the uniformity of the paper and the physical properties of the paper.

4. Using papermaking filter aid can reduce the amount of fine fibers and fillers in the effluent, thereby reducing the load of wastewater treatment.

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