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Polyacrylamide Polymer For Sugar Industry
  • Polyacrylamide Polymer For Sugar IndustryPolyacrylamide Polymer For Sugar Industry

Polyacrylamide Polymer For Sugar Industry

In the sugar industry, the flocculation effect of polyacrylamide is needed to extract sugar liquid. Polyacrylamide polymer for sugar industry can also be used for sewage treatment in the sugar industry.

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Product Description

In sugar factories, polyacrylamide is used to clarify beet or sugar cane juice, and the juice with PAM will agglutinate.


In the sugar industry, polyacrylamide can be used in sugar extraction, as well as sludge dewatering and sewage treatment. For example, anionic polyacrylamide can be used to extract sugar. in addition to using in the sugar industry, PAM flocculants are widely used in food wastewater, such as alcohol factories, wineries, sugar factories, meat processing plants, etc.


1. Flocculation. Polyacrylamide can neutralize suspended substances through electricity, bridging adsorption and flocculation.

2. Adhesion. This product can be used for bonding through mechanical, physical and chemical action.

3. Resistance reduction. Polyacrylamide can effectively reduce the frictional resistance of the fluid. Adding a small amount of polyacrylamide to the water can reduce the resistance by 50-80%.

4. Thickening. Polyacrylamide polymer for sugar industry has a thickening effect under neutral and acidic conditions. When the PH value is above 10, PAM is easy to hydrolyze. When the polyacrylamide has a semi-network structure, the thickening will be more obvious.

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