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Textile Wastewater Flocculant
  • Textile Wastewater FlocculantTextile Wastewater Flocculant

Textile Wastewater Flocculant

Textile wastewater flocculant is mainly used for the wastewater treatment of textile factories, and is suitable for the treatment of soluble dye wastewater such as reactive, acidic and disperse dyes. The molecule of the product can bridge and adsorb with suspended particles dispersed in the solution, and has strong flocculation.

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Product Description

The Textile Wastewater Flocculant is white powder in appearance, and is a linear polymer with the functions of coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, etc. Its main function is to make suspended particles in water form flocs, accelerate solid-liquid separation, and thus achieve the effect of purifying water. It can effectively clarify printing and dyeing wastewater, thereby saving water and helping to prevent wastewater pollution.


Anionic PAM

Cationic PAM


White powder

White powder

Weight of molecular (million)



Degree of ion or hydrolysis



Solid content



Water insolubles



PH Value




This Textile Wastewater Flocculant is easy to configure and has stable chemical properties, so it is easy to operate and can often achieve good use results. At the same time, its main purpose is to remove the turbidity in the water, combine and collect the suspended particles in the water to form large particles, so as to help them settle and restore the clarity of the water. In addition, it can remove many bacteria suspended in water and the color of water when used.

Usage method

1. It cannot be directly put into sewage. It should be dissolved in water before use.

2. Use clean water to prepare an aqueous solution with a concentration of 0.1% ~ 0.3%.

3. When dissolving, start the electric stirrer, and the rotating speed at the end of the stirrer blade shall not exceed 8m / s to avoid polymer degradation. Centrifugal pumps shall not be used to avoid polymer shear degradation caused by high-speed rotating blades. Evenly sprinkle textile wastewater flocculant into the stirred water until it is finished. Stir for a period of time to make it a uniform, transparent and viscous liquid.

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